This October, let beauty into your life with the upcoming exhibitions at Agora Gallery. One exhibition introduces the subtle yet intense art of talented contemporary Canadian artists, while another focuses on work that invigorates and inspires. Opening on October 4, 2013 and continuing until October 24, 2013, with an opening reception on the evening of Thursday October 10, these are shows you’re not going to want to miss.

Tania Doucet, The Embrace

In Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art From Canada, viewers are presented with the diverse, delightful and emotionally powerful works of fine artists from across the border. Although the artists share some background, and an appreciation for the strengths and natural wonders of their county, each one develops their impressions and associations in unique and moving ways. This combination makes for an exhibition which is intriguingly cohesive, yet in which every work of art has its own particular message and motivation.

Mina Novian, Garden At Marbella Club

In Reverie of Form features the work of artists who use a number of mediums and styles to produce art that reflects their own individual creativity and impulses. Enjoyable and full of energy, these works also reflect the joy that their creators felt as they formed them, and that they infused into each piece, to share that distinctive emotion with their audience. Working on a number of emotional levels, the pieces manage to transcend specific experience to speak to us as humans, with all the complexity and depth that that implies.

Elena Kozhevnikova, Solar Prominence

The artwork in Elements of Abstraction skillfully blend the ephemeral, enticing nature of a dream with the passionate and persuasive feeling that comes with reality – a reality which each artist perceives differently, and which they present to their audience in a variety of compelling ways. Inspiring and imaginative, these creations communicate with us yet also give the impression of something left unsaid, which the eager viewer must uncover for themselves.

Exhibition dates: October 4, 2013 – October 24, 2013
Reception: Thursday, October 10, 2013 6-8 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Featured artists:
Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art From Canada: Ariane Blais, Mairi Budreau, Anne-Marie Crosby, Jacques Descoteaux, Tania Doucet, John Loveday Freeman, Jessica JCK, Anna Narday, Eric Oberhauser, David Rolandeau
In Reverie of Form: Sunrise, Michael Delaney, Pepa Martinez, Mina Novian, Maurizio Yorck
Elements of Abstraction: TA (“Trygve Amundsen”), Daniel Anderson, Christopher Colon,  Sarah Doherty Heinrichs, Elena Kozhevnikova, Chaya Kupperman, Raúl Lara Naranjo, Hoyun Lee, Ann Manie, Allan Raider, Zeina Nader Selwan, Brady Steward, Tom Stewart, Graeme Swanson, Sandy Tippett

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  2. […] Glass was traditionally a highly-valued and desirable commodity – being functional, fragile, beautiful and the result of an almost magical process, owning glass was for centuries a mark of status and privilege. It’s still hard to see what’s not to like about this fascinating medium, but with the relative ubiquity of glass in our modern world, it can be easy to forget about its enormous creative and artistic potential. Agora Gallery artist Brady Steward talks to us about his love affair with glass. If you’re blown away by his works and would like to see them in person, they’re on display at Agora right now! […]

  3. […] Стекло – традиционно высоко ценимый и широко используемый ресурс и материал – оно функционально, прекрасно и легко повреждаемо, и само по себе является результатом практически магических процессов. Обладать стеклом веками было признаком высокого статуса и привилегий. Сложно представить себе, какие минусы могут быть в работе с этим материалом, но с тем, как сильно распространено использование стекла в современном мире, можно запросто забыть про его огромный творческий и креативный потенциал. Brady Steward, художник галереи Agora Gallery, рассказывает о роли стекла как любимого материала для творчества в его жизни. Вы можете увидеть его работе у нас в галерее: […]

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