Welcome to the art news blog of Agora Gallery, one of Chelsea’s great contemporary fine art galleries! Agora knows that it’s important for artists and art lovers to keep up to date with what’s going on in the art world – so with our art news summaries, you’ll be able to do just that. Additionally, you can scan through past articles for advice for artists, reflections on trends in the art world, and to see past events at Agora Gallery.

Agora Gallery also runs two other blogs. The art gallery blog on the main website lets visitors know about upcoming exhibitions, competitions and events run by Agora Gallery, which is proud to represent talented established and emerging artists. Located in West Chelsea, the area of the city best known for art and the potential for running into a unique and exciting gallery as you turn each corner, Agora Gallery provides an ideal location for the national and international artists it represents to show their work in one of the world’s centers of fine art, and the gallery regularly schedules exhibitions celebrating art from different locations around the globe.

Agora Gallery Advice, also on the main website, provides advice for artists on a range of topics, from promoting you and your artwork to developing your sources of inspiration and avoiding some of the pitfalls that await the unwary. There are also tutorials that will help you navigate some of the practical challenges sometimes involved in an artist’s career.

The gallery is proud to manage ARTmine, an online gallery featuring original artwork including paintings, sculptures, photography and fine art of all sorts which you can browse and buy from the comfort of your own home. ARTmine displays pieces of many varied styles, themes and influences.

Agora Gallery also publishes a contemporary art magazine, ARTisSpectrum which appears both in print and online. This includes artist profiles, investigations into trends in the art world, interviews with notables of the global art scene, and advice and information for artists, collectors, and art-lovers.

Last but not least – check out the Facebook page, take a look at the photo albums and leave a message on the wall, follow us on Twitter to receive regular updates from the global art world, dive into our videos on YouTube, enjoy our photos on Instagram, keep up to date on Google+ and make Agora part of your professional network on LinkedIn.

530 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

Contact Information:
Tel 212-226-4151
Fax 212-966-4380
Email: Info@Agora-Gallery.com

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

The Agora Gallery blog is run by me, Karin Maraney, Agora’s Writing and Social Media Coordinator. If you have comments you’d like share directly with me, or topics you’d like to see covered here, please contact me at blog@agora-gallery.com

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